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Hearth Products Controls

Discover HPC Fire: Ignite Innovation

Heart Products Controls also known as HPC Fire Inspired specializes in manufacturing an extensive range of outdoor fire features that effortlessly transform your backyard or business into a resort-like ambiance.

Their offerings include stunning complete gas fire pit inserts, elegant tiki torches, and individual components such as fire rings. Experience the exclusivity of HPC's advanced gas fire pit technology, including the highly sought-after Remote Electronic Ignition insert, which allows for instant fires with a... Read More

HPC Fire Linear Interlink Stainless Steel Fire Pit Burners
SAVE 20%
SAVE $29.78
HPC Fire Rectangular Stainless Steel Fireplace H-Burners
SAVE 20%
SAVE $13.78
HPC Fire Grey Rolled Lava Stone, 1/2 Cubic Foot
SAVE 20%
SAVE $35.69
HPC Fire HSIP-36SS EI Series Pilot Assembly, 36-Inch
SAVE 20%
SAVE $68.43
HPC Fire WG-EXT/STR KIT Glass Wind Guard Extension Kit
SAVE $4.43
HPC Fire Stainless Steel Torpedo Penta Burner
SAVE $7.62