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Lava Rock Calculator

How Much Lava Rock Do I Need?

Most fire pits and fireplaces work well with 2 to 4 inches of glass depth. Preferences vary; some clients are content with 2 inches, while others prefer 4 inches. Generally, we use a 3-inch glass depth as our standard. Make sure all measurements are in inches.

How to Use Our Lava Rock Calculator?

Choose your shape (round, four-sided, or fireplaces).

Enter your measurements. Remember, input all measurements in inches.

Click “Calculate”. It’s as simple as that!

Round Fire Pits

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Four-Sided Firepits

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American Fire Glass 10-Pound Black Lava Rock
SAVE 17%
SAVE $6.50
American Fire Glass 10-Pound Gray Lava Stone
SAVE 17%
SAVE $6.95
HPC Fire Grey Rolled Lava Stone, 1/2 Cubic Foot
SAVE 20%
SAVE $37.47
Grand Canyon HP-B-GR-10 Black Lava Granules, 10-Pounds
SAVE 23%
SAVE $6.90
Grand Canyon HP-B-R-10 Black Volcanic Rock, 10-Pounds
SAVE 23%
SAVE $6.90
The Outdoor Plus 4-inch Fire Ball with 6 Set Steel
SAVE $4.80
The Outdoor Plus 6-inch Fire Balls with 6 Set Stainless Steel and White Background
SAVE $10.40
Grand Canyon CB4-8-DGY Cannon Ball Set, 4-Inch, 8-Piece, Dark Gray
SAVE 23%
SAVE $49.80
Grand Canyon CB6-4-SIL Cannon Ball Set, 6-Inch, 4-Piece, Silver
SAVE 23%
SAVE $66.60